Help us plan for Southern California’s water future


The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is developing a new Integrated Water Resources Plan (IRP) in partnership with their local and regional water providers.

The IRP incorporates multiple different scenarios to most effectively plan for, and address potential water supply reliability challenges through 2045.

SCPFJ will be offering their perspective on an online stakeholder workshop to learn about the IRP, MWD’s planning process, and their scenario planning approach. Discussions will revolve around “drivers of change” that will affect the future. The Partnership is hopeful that a clearer understanding of potential construction opportunities may exist in the 3rd and 4th quarter of this year.

Online public workshops are being offered:

Wednesday, May 20, at 10 a.m. (register HERE)


Friday, May 22, at 10 a.m. (register HERE)

The same material will be presented at both workshops. Registration is required. Please click the link above for your desired meeting or see the invitation for more information.

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On May 8, 2020, I reached out to Aaron Kraft, General Manager of the Rialto Water Services. Rialto Water Services is operated by Veolia North America. My conversation with Aaron centered around how COVID-19 has affected the current state of their Agency. Aaron is very proud of their program and practices, and the fact that these essential, good paying jobs have continued so as to ensure we are able to provide continued and uninterrupted water and wastewater services. He went on to say that their Operations team is practicing effective social distancing, donning appropriate PPE and conducting required daily body temperature checks and self-evaluations to ensure the safety of our team and of our visitors. Site entry is not allowed if patrons are experiencing any COVID symptoms. Aaron was happy to share the following additional information.

(Q) – How is your workflow, projects, and staffing being affected by the current state of our industry?
(A) – Locally, Veolia is, and continues to be fully staffed; however, even as an essential provider, we are minimizing exposure and contact with the general public by performing as much work from home as we can, and by practicing strict social distancing with all appropriate PPE and disinfection practices.

(Q) – What does the future look like for Veolia post COVID-19?
(A) – As a global leader in the water, environmental and energy industry we will follow the guidelines of the WHO and the CDC. In the municipal utility side of our business, we continue to work closely with cities to provide, operate and maintain safe uninterrupted water and wastewater services. From the industrial side of the business, we are cautiously optimistic as the country slowly starts allowing industries and businesses to begin opening.

(Q) – How can Southern California Partnership for Jobs be of help to you and your organization?
(A) – Continue to campaign that trades and construction work is essential and that strategically bringing back workers safely will further assist in setting the state for the rest of the economy.