SCPFJ supports four half-cent county election measures

New SoCal Transportation Growth Initiative Pledges Support for Local Infrastructure Funding Proposals in Four Counties

— Partnership of Labor and Management to Provide $550,000 to Back Half-Cent Tax Measures in Los Angeles, San Diego, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties —

Artesia CA (October 21, 2016) — The Southern California Partnership for Jobs (SCPFJ), a new labor/management initiative to advocate sustained funding for transportation infrastructure in Southern California, has committed a total of $550,000 in contributions to support ballot funding initiatives for transportation in four counties.

The total includes $250,000 to support Measure M in Los Angeles County, a half-cent sales tax increase that seeks to raise over $860 million dollars for transportation infrastructure improvement over the coming 40 years. Measure M proponents estimate the new tax would cost the average household about $25 per year.

SCPFJ is a partnership of Labor (over 90,000 union workers and their families, totaling more than 350,000 persons) and Management (over 2,750 companies engaged in engineering and construction) to advocate for and educate the public and all stakeholders of the critical need to invest continuously in transportation infrastructure, which provides jobs to support families, the economy and the quality of life in Southern California. SCPFJ is funded by the union workers through hourly contributions and by the companies.

John Hakel, Executive Director of the SCPFJ, says, “You don’t always see business and labor agree, but the need for transportation funding is important for all.”

Measures supported include Measure J — San Luis Obispo county ($50,000); Measure M — Los Angeles County ($250,000); Measure AA — Ventura County ($100,000); and Measure A — San Diego County ($150,000).

Both the federal government and California state have lagged in needed transportation infrastructure funding. California has in fact cut back nearly $750 million in planned projects. Local funding at the county level is critical for the region to meet its many needs.

“Cutting back transportation projects not only threatens our economy through freight gridlock, but also our workers and their families through job loss,” said Armando Esparza, Business Manager, Southern California District Council of Laborers. “The SCPJ call to action for government officials to counter the cutbacks through increased funding will help reverse this dangerous situation.”

“The three-quarter-billion-dollar cutback in California transportation infrastructure spending threatens the fabric of road and rail commerce that we have been working to build for more than 100 years, said Tom Foss, Chairman and CEO, Griffith Company. “Through outreach to the public by the Southern California Partnership for Jobs, we seek to bring needed focus to this critical issue.”

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