Voice of San Diego: Measure A for Roads and Transit is Worth Supporting

As Election Day approaches, nonprofit news organization Voice of San Diego is urging its readers to make sure they vote for measures that invest tax dollars wisely — asserting that Measure A is the only big local tax measure on the November ballot worth supporting.

The news group carries the following commentary from the San Diego County Taxpayers Association:

“When you look at the November ballot, you will see several proposed tax increases — 17 local tax proposals throughout the county. Some are worth voting for because they are sound, smart proposals that will raise much-needed revenue for important services, including schools and infrastructure. Others, however, are risky proposals that would threaten funding for public safety, street repairs and other important services, and would leave you and your children on the hook for decades.

One of the responsible, balanced proposals is Measure A — the San Diego County Road Repair, Transit, Traffic Relief, Safety and Water Quality Measure. It would increase the sales tax in the county by one half-cent to raise nearly $18 billion over 40 years. The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) proposed the measure as an expenditure plan for the development of the region’s transit systems, highways, roads and other transportation and conservation projects.”

SANDAG says the measure would:

  • Invest in our region’s transportation system that needs repair
  • Provide for cities to fix roads and fill potholes
  • Have transparent oversight by local taxpayers to make sure funds are spent responsibly
  • Help address fire safety through open space management and road improvements
  • Create local jobs

SANDAG is an established organization with demonstrated ability to follow through on its promises to voters and use best practices in construction, management, evaluation and oversight. It has power to match local revenue with other funding sources at a three to one ratio, capitalizing on taxpayer dollars to maximize public benefit.

Measure A’s $18 billion in local revenue could help us obtain competitive state and federal dollars for regional investments in transportation infrastructure. There would be independent oversight, and this oversight facilitates transparency and accountability.

All in all, Measure A provides transparency and valuable community assets, while (other tax measures) Measure C and Measure D do not do enough to protect revenues the city relies on to ensure you and your children receive the public services you pay for.

When you’re casting your ballot on Election Day, please make sure you are voting for measures that invest your tax dollars wisely and opposing measures that cost too much, carry too much risk and benefit a special interest.”

—Haney Hong, president and CEO, San Diego County Taxpayers Association, and Megan Couch, policy analyst, San Diego County Taxpayers Association

Source: Voice of San Diego