Another key component of our infrastructure that is in need of investment is the buildings that house our governments, educational efforts and legal system. As our region grows in population these buildings are becoming crowded, ineffective and inefficient in their use of energy.

Government buildings house many services that touch each of our lives. Many of these buildings have reached the end of their life cycles. They are overcrowded and becoming less effective in performing their purpose. Whether it is the local DMV office, Social Security building, or City Hall, many of our governmental buildings need replacement with modern energy-efficient ones that operate more effectively, saving cost overall.

New schools are needed to improve the quality of experience for our students, helping to increase test scores and grades and thus making our children more competitive in the new world market place. New, green, energy-efficient buildings provide a more sustainable model that will leave a lighter footprint on our environment while lowering operational costs.

Court Houses and penitentiaries, too, are overcrowded and costly to operate. Here, modern, high-tech, sustainable buildings will be more effective in function and more efficient to operate.

Public Buildings will be a focus of the Partnership’s efforts as an important piece of the infrastructure that serves our everyday needs.